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    Default Bedok Reservoir

    took this shot on a trip to the reservoir. pls feel free to comment:

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    If you want me to be honest, it's pretty bad and snapshot-like.

    Discounting any sentimental (this is a wild guess) reasons you may have for shooting this, the lack of color and general monotony of this photo is glaringly obvious. Maybe you might want to shoot a little higher and include something else next time.. Other than boring water (if only it was more colorful, or had some reflection, perhaps) and floating balls..

    Besides, I note this really distracting thing at the top left corner. =/

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    It's a snapshot. Why focus on that, not on the boat? If you wanted reflections of the clouds, an empty stretch of water would have worked better. Also OOF.

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    Default Re: Bedok Reservoir

    no objects for viewers to focus on.

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    the objects in the picture is too shattered
    its like distinctly
    1.the two balls.
    2.the boats.
    3. more balls.
    4. weird space at the top left hand corner.

    mayb u could try focusing on one subj that u want to capture.

    keep on trying!
    stop the time.

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    if the subject is the reflections in the water, it can be a picture. The boat then is a supporting cast and not the main actor in the scene. But then I think the time of day was wrong and there was nothing interesting in the reflections anyway. Maybe a sunrise or sunset, or a very cloudy situation may work in such a composition. But you have to work to make to create adequate contrast to the reflections ... u need to have taken and work on such reflections to understand what I am talking about. For example see this pic of mine.

    PS: I dont understand what the critics meant by "snapshot" but what I think they meant is that you were not deliberate in your composition. I do not see that it was entirely "snapshot" as it is apparent that some thoughts were put into the positioning of the elements. The shortcoming is more the selection of subject.
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    hi everyone, thanks for all your feedback.

    espion, you were right on my intention to capture some coloured reflections in the water. i guess there weren't enough colours in the sky? saw ur pic, the mirror-like reflection is awesome

    berisshock, thanks, guess i could work more on the composition from your point(4)

    moving forward, how can i improve on the picture?
    1) composition - crop away the balls after the boat?
    2) colors - achieve richer reflections in the water?
    3) focus
    4) anything else?
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    Default Re: Bedok Reservoir

    see more good pics, shoot more, self critique more ...

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    Default Re: Bedok Reservoir

    I tot it was a pond. =(
    There are no bad photographers, just bad photographs. =)

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    Default Re: Bedok Reservoir

    hmmm... it's abit too empty IMHO... perhaps could wait for like sunset? play around with colours! and i guess having a subject to focus on would break the emptiness...
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