Hi everyone!

Happy Chinese New Year! I'm back again to beg for advice, but this time, on what printer I should get. My father is considering 2 printers, the Canon Pro9500, and Epson R2400. Could anyone point me in the direction of some reviews of these printers (esp the Pro9500)? I would appreciate it if anyone could share with me some personal experiences with these printers. I have read much about Epson's lead in photo printer technology, and how the other brands lag behind. Is this true? Or has Canon caught up with this new model?

Both seem to garner extremely good reviews on the net, from the few that I could locate. But one has to be better than the other, or be more suited for me in a way. Help me choose one by providing unbiased, detailed advice! (please let there be no "CANON/EPSON RULES" replies)