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    i want to switch to a new lens...want something can shoot wide angle and zoom in...and best if can take sharp pictures under low light condition, any recommendation?

    what kind of lens do u recommend if i want to shoot landscapes, fireworks or anything during night/low light condition?

    btw anyone encounter dust in 400d? i am new to do not know how to spot them? and how to remove them?


    chee kiang
    Canon IXUS 850 / Canon EOS 400D 18mm-55mm Kit Lens

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    You can use whatever lenses you want to shoot landscape and fireworks but if you are going for wide, then perhaps the Canon 10-22 lens is your choice. A cheaper alternative would be a Tokina 12-24.

    Dust is inevitable in DSLRs. They appear as tiny gray/black dots on the photos and are more obvious when you stop down the lens. Some people use sensor swipes, some use blowers.... I can't be bothered if I can't see them.

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    thanks for your prompt reply....will take note

    chee kiang
    Canon IXUS 850 / Canon EOS 400D 18mm-55mm Kit Lens

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    I thought the 400D has some sort of sensor cleaning? Although that won't eliminate dust but somehow, better than nothing.


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