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Thread: nikon d70s low light problem

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    Interesting insight from Cs-ers,

    All test images shot under tungsten lighting btw. With regards to A100 extra sensitivity to ISO, as long as its not too much noise, i feel its relatively ok.

    That said, every cam has its quirks & i cant help but notice also the nikon d70s tend to produce images that are slightly "washed out" or "less contrasty", very diluted, therefore need me to correct in PS, saturation level etc. I am already shooting on custom settings, under vivid.

    Am interested to know if im missing something here. Are the other models of nikons the same (poor AWB, lower sensitivity to low light & "washed out" pics), users of D200, D2Xs or D2h etc care to speak out?

    I read from dpreview forums that the lower end of Nikons like the D40s & D50s respond better in low light conditions as well, much better than the D70s.

    Once again, THANKS!
    If you want contrasty you should not use vivid. You should use Custom - contrast +1. Vivid is for colour saturation. I'm using the sRealav2 custom curve, maybe you can consider loading that into your D70s.

    For the other cameras, the neutral settings are slightly better. D200 and D2X just leave everything 0. Those cameras which respond well to low light are usually because they use a more aggressive noise reduction algorithm. Most of them have softer images which somewhat lack detail.
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