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    Taken one shot of this flower at some pond. Comments please.

    The full size picture (3888 x 2592 pixels) can be found at:
    You can see more details of the flower, as well as the water droplets on the flower on the full size picture.
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    seems like pictures in multiply can't be hotlinked, maybe try to use CS's gallery

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    My 2 cents:

    Nobody would blow up this picture to poster size to view the droplets would you?

    Would prefer if you would crop your pic tighter to focus on the flower if that was your intention. Also, composing the flower right smack at the centre of your pic doesn't work well too. Try following rules of the thirds. Nevertheless, your shots look sharp when blown up

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    subject - the lotuses - overexposed, details missing. branches in the water distracting, spoiling the negative sapce intent.


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