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Thread: FZ30 Firmware upgrade ?

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    Default FZ30 Firmware upgrade ?

    Hello All,

    I sent in my almost 1 year old FZ30 for cleaning (remove dust from lens) and general servicing yesterday (thinking of selling it, so make it look nice and all first).

    Just received a call saying its done, and it has also been upgraded to the newest firmware.

    I couldn't Google / find anything on the web about it. Anyone know anything about it ?


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    do let us know what version it is.
    might want to send mine in too

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    Default Re: FZ30 Firmware upgrade ?

    Yeah I also sent mine in last week for general servicing, and when I got it back, the internal counter got reset and the tech said the firmware had been upgraded.

    BTW, truly great service from them.

    No way to check though, going through Exif viewer, shows no change.

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    Default Re: FZ30 Firmware upgrade ?

    bummer... looks like it's hard to know which firmware we are using.. any difference from the menus? i have not found any bugs thus far

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    wanna ask, if sent for servicing hav to pay???

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    not if your camera is still under warranty

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    After servicing, all the setup has been reset except the counter i think. The filenames in the folders continued on from before servicing.

    I still have no idea what "upgrades" the firmware has though.


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    glad to know that they did not reset your counter. would hate to have photos with the same filenames even if i have separated the photos, sometimes i might want to select photos from different folders into one and it'd have filename clash


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