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    can't think of a suitable title. pic was taken 2 yrs ago on colorado river running through glen canyon. was resting after lunch, looked up and saw the sun peeking over the canyon walls. didn't do much touch-up except for curves and colour balance. pls give ur C&Cs, thanks!

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    I love the details in the rock face!

    The sun rays streaking down on the right side perfectly juxtaposes the texture of the canyon wall; gives some kind of symmetry to the photo.

    Just a minor gripe about the flare in the middle and the washed out sky... but I guess that was not really avoidable...

    Lovely shot!

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    agreed with huanmin's critique. for the washout sky, u either need a GND or - if u doing digital photography - then u can shoot in RAW and do differential exposure processing later on, amongst other things.

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    Use of HDR Technique will be more effective in this case. Controlling the sky and rock exposures. Something like the below picture:

    IMHO, sky is blown out. Composition, very nice.

    The other technique that you might want to look into is the use of Zone system and Gradual ND filters.
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    thanks guys, appreciate your comments! must agree that the sky is blow-out
    this was taken with my first digicam - Nikon5600. no RAW no nothing, and I didn't have enough knowledge of photography at that time to capture a good shot.

    erm, 1 question though:
    wat is GND and how does it work?? does it work with any digital cam or is it better in manual mode?

    sorrie, am sooo new to all these....

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    the lens flare is a little bit distracting, but i liked the composition


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