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Thread: blogspot loading problems

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    Default blogspot loading problems

    Anyone having problems loading blogs from blogspot, in particular?

    What happens is that, the blogger has updated his/her blog, but I cannot view the latest posts on his main page - which shouldn't be the case! However, I can view the post when I click on the relevant archive which includes the post.

    It's pretty exasperating, because if I'm just surfing for fun, I can only tell that the person has updated about 1 or 2 days after it has been updated, kinda idiotic.

    I noticed that 3 or 4 people are complaining about it in the blogger help group, which is doing virtually nothing about it.

    Anyone else experiencing something like this? From what I understand, NONE of my friends in the UK are having such problems, so far all the people I know who share the same experience are Singaporeans.

    If anyone knows how to resolve this, please help. Much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: blogspot loading problems

    yes... i also noted the problem, thought only a small group affected only....

    1 way is to wait for the next 24hrs and try, manage to post a new post up...

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    Default Re: blogspot loading problems

    i went to do a little fuddling around
    ctrl + f5 (refresh without cache or something) works, go try it out bro
    works for me


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