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Thread: CS's dreamteam

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    Quote Originally Posted by eow View Post
    the final conclusion....women are nothing but troubles and men love seekin troubles
    thats why human cannot co-exist together and there is worldwide conflict...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaren View Post
    1) hwchoy
    2) khairi
    3) foxtwo
    4) the_cheat
    5) calisc

    wah zaren, mai extra la....

    1) zaren
    2) khairi
    3) student
    4 & 5) (not sure, havent been in here for a while)

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    Dun really like my face to be taken..

    Top 5 (in no particular order) photo I have seen in CS and like are.

    1) Streetshooter
    2) Tomshen
    3) Megaweb
    4) Areality
    5) Chngpe1

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeanie View Post


    eh...i posted my best 5! on topic ok!

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    1. wolfgang - for his distinct style which i have no idea how to explain
    2. will03 - for wide angles and use of natural/available light
    3. berryhappy - studio and fashion type portraits
    4. teetoo - great compositions, concepts and post procsesing - prob my fav in this list, next to wolfgang
    5. kongo - classic bokeh all the way portraits (common, but it's still a great way to shoot portraits)

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    a few top 5 list in 7 pages....

    many threads in CS has serious OTs.... I've heard that some pros are turned away due to too much nonsense in CS.

    Great portrait shooters in CS? From recent times, many are not posting.

    My preferred choices of PG that post often to register in my memory includes:
    1) Splutter
    2) Wolfgang
    3) Will03
    4) JOhO

    My fav is a nick that I can't recall the moment!! arghhh

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    finally this thread is back to it tracks.

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    I gave ten names wad... 2 different teams even...


    Quote Originally Posted by jeanie View Post
    as you can see, members here already find it hard to choose 5.not to mention 10.

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    Jeanie your criteria very "sala" leh.. I 100% sure dun wan anyone to do a TFCD for me so how to choose? If u take a chainsaw and force me then I will only choose jeanie lor, becos only you can take portrait without showing my face..

    OK lah, assuming one day I crash my car into a pretty gal call Tanya Chew who looks like Fann Wong (sorry just back from the Jack Neo movie) and swap soul with her, and wanted to do a TFCD, and money no subject and so on... I do think there are an abundance of good shooters here in CS and I hv no problem listing at least 10 nicks which comes to my mind, such as:

    1) Petf69
    2) Iamasaint
    3) Joho
    4) Will03
    5) Willyfoo
    6) berryhappy
    7) mattlock
    8) waiaung
    9) weekh
    10) splutter

    And I haven't even include some of the elites like Pro image, deadpoet, student etc etc in the list.. think there are at least 20+ nicks in my mind at the moment. I dunno how to shortlist 5 leh, very difficult..

    But don't think shd arrange 5 of them to shoot together in one session, it's like fielding 5 top strikers in a football team at the same time, they will probably run into one another and block each other's shot. Better just to stick to 1 or 2 but supported with some solid backup like a top mua, fashion, DI experts etc.. that's more like a dream team.
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    my fav (but some of them prefer to be paid rather than TFCD....)

    1. Pointblankshots
    2. Skye Tan
    3. Brett
    4. afiend
    5. zemotion

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    The 5 photogs in CS who inspire me and showed me how portraits can be taken are as follows, in no order of superiority (cos' they all stimulate the way I see portraiture quite differently):

    1) Pointblankshot
    2) Skye Tan
    3) Berryhappy
    4) Wolfgang
    5) Student

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