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Thread: Abt SEPARATION *marriage failure*

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBig View Post
    Thanks mate

    Deep in me, I know there's no way of salvaging this marriage unless my wife comes back crying and begging for forgiveness

    By the way, I'm a Catholic and divorce is not a SIN.
    Mr Big, I just came across this post and I'm ashamed to read this.....
    If you call yourslef a Catholic or a Christian then you should forgive READILY and not wait for your wife to ask and plea forgiveness. This is completely against the teaching of Christ.

    I am also a Catholic and to me, marriage is a holy matrimony and blessed sacrament of 2 individuals 'joined' by the Lord. Go read the Good Book, my friend.

    and the more I read about the responses in this thread, it seems to me you have a problem with yr thought process. You could be the missing link here.....
    Pls go and reflect and contemplate yr actions.......I think you are getting carried away with the blame game.

    My simple advice to you is to revolve your marital problems the Christian to love and to forgive. All other things is just foolish pride and self-dignity.
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    Default Re: Abt SEPARATION *marriage failure*

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    All the best dude!

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