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Thread: Dutch kids happiest, how about our kids?

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    Default Dutch kids happiest, how about our kids?

    Unicef reports that Dutch kids are the happiest. Reading the BBC article, I can't help but feel that our kids here are under quite a lot of pressure from over-anxious and kiasu parents, the school system and society in general.

    That the UK ranks bottom is no surprise. I can personally testify that the parenting there has gone to the pits. Too many deadbeat parents, single parents, softly,softly approach by UK society and government

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    Default Re: Dutch kids happiest, how about our kids?

    hmm, must be the milk... Dutch Lady milk make Dutch kids happy...

    Anyway, from another viewpoint... if you have been trained since young to be pressurised to perform and not know what fun is... will you know what you have missed out? The singaporean kid story... Until they know how others are raised will they feel that they are under priviledged... Each kid have their own story... so let it be...
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