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Thread: Am I overreacting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agetan View Post

    Don't even thinking of going into Photography business if Money is your #1 priority. You should love your work (not saying you are not), and it will show on the result. Then money will follow.

    Love the work you are doing is the key in photography, in my own opinion anyway.


    very much agree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hopefulphoto View Post
    I told him I’d appreciate if he’d give me some credit on the website and then I can change the dimensions for him. He then told me that he didn’t want to put my business name on the website too much as then people would begin asking questions.
    If u ask me, ur bf is being too much... there is no reason why he cannot place a link to ur site on his webbie. it wun hurt him and hes juz returnin a favour he owes. ur bf is not being v nice.

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    back dated post~

    well~ immediate solutions wise...
    if i'm in ya shoes...

    i'll complete the project and never help for new shooting assignments.
    end of the day~ he's still ya bf.

    use those images and put them in ya portfolio and look for customers who require similar images. you are the copyright owner at the end of the day.

    take care, cheers

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