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    HI ~~ there a qns on my mind for quite sometimes ...
    As we know SLR offers many modes of taking pics ... e.g. Macro mode, protrait mode, landscape mode, night scene mode, auot mode, etc etc ...

    just wanna know, how does these modes help us in our way of taking pics ... ? Coz since i bought my camera, i only use the Aperture, Shutter priorty, Manual and Progamed modes. ~

    Is there really any differences between all these mode other than it's metering ? e.g how does Auto mode different from landscape mode and does Marco mode really can do mirco shooting?

    pls enlighten me bah!
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    if you use an F80, you'll notice there are none of these modes.

    the modes are for those who don't know/don't want to choose the settings themselves. usually 'portrait' makes the camera choose a bigger aperture for smaller DOF, which you might do yourself anyway. same for other modes (e.g. sports = high shutter speed).

    cameras meant for beginners tend to have these modes.


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