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Thread: Any used Camera shop in Thailand?

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    Default Any used Camera shop in Thailand?

    Anyone knows where to find used camera shop in BKK, Thailand?
    I'm looking for old M42 mount lens.
    Thanks in advance........

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    saw a shop. Was walking to a BTS station from 1st hotel, and saw one along the street. But cannot pinpoint which shop along the row of shops. Over at MBK, there are a few camera shops there. Level 1 , a shop call Filefoto, and its sister company, Photo Thailand or Thailand photo. They even have a mock up , showing you how to get to their sister shop at level 3 from their level 1 shop. They sell new stuff, not sure if they sell 2nd hand stuff . Thats the place that I saw the Tokina FE zoom lens at 19500 ( abt S$850 ) baht last mth.


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