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Thread: images after transfer into pc

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    Hello all, I just like to know whether anyone else got a similiar problem as i am having. Often upon transferring images taken by my camera either via the usb cable(provided by camera) or a card reader into my pc.

    I get images like the below

    There is nothing wrong with the image in my camera if i transfer again but the problem is i wont be able to know whether all my pictures are ok till i click on every one of them. Have you guys encounter this before?? I took the images in JPEG only. If i deleted away all my pictures in my camera and later found that the picture in my pc having this problem.... that it for me. Please advise.

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    No i've not had those exact problems before. But i've had corruption on harddrive that causes artifacts to appear. They're a lot more disruptive than yours. Though there could be a chance that it's the same reason. Mostly it's due to incomplete shutdowns of the computer and a check disk which corrupts the pictures.

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    tried transfering directly from the flash card?

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    Default Re: images after transfer into pc

    If pre-view in your camera does not have problem that mean is not your memory card or the camera. if the file are still in the memory card and can be view via re-insert into the camera that mean is either PC/harddisk or the reader/USB/cable.


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    If you are using Nvidia chipset motherboard then good luck.....just turn off the onboard firewall...I got that previously and it took me a while to isolate and figure out the problem...It was a Asus A8NE motherboard

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    To double check if its a pc problem, open it in another pc.


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