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    Shot last Saturday when I saw it beside car path. Quite beautiful

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    flowers are sometimes too easy to shoot, and once you seen one you seen them all.

    so to make a good flower shot you need to make us see the flower in some new fresh way.

    the idea of a receeding row of ixoras is a good one, except that the focus is on the second one, leaving the first one neither here nor there. An alternate composition is to focus wholly on the first and let the others recede into a gradual blur.

    And then also I am sure there were many many clusters of ixoras around why choose this one with one of flawed petals?

    how many shots did you take, and how many compositions did you try? and how many clusters did you select? or was this just the one and only?

    and finally the biggest shortcoming is the light. it is rather flat and the textures and colour, especially of the stamens are not fully revealed. Some strong directional lighting is most desirable.

    there are other minor points but these are what I think the biggest compositional shortcomings.
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    bokeh and contrast are much to be desired.

    Why so much unused negative space? why not a square crop? What is your intention in composing this in such a way, and was there any intention to the photographic image in the first place?

    As I said from a previous thread: "Intention is the sine qua non for every existence", more so for a photographic image. A photographic image has to convey thought, emotion, beauty, or at least a form of interactivity that engages the viewer to think and interpret about. I'm sad to say that the above image has not fulfilled this crucial aspect of photography.

    Did you cross process this then? If not, why so?

    Here, I would thus like to add that it is alright to use any form of processing or otherwise to achieve, deliver and share this photographic message to the viewers out there. It is the image that speaks the most at the end of the day, whether processed or otherwise.


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