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Zhun bo ?

I always hear tong tong chiam chiam.
try finding out the simplest Thai language first...how do u say 1 to 10 in thai? If u can say it correctly, then u will know what I mean.

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but not sure if you get original copy
or already got adapting mount on
Hmm....I'm quite guilty of this incorrigible thinking that all women in Thai are man turn women...especially when I first saw my secretary, consider very pretty in Thai standard, so pretty until I ask my wife is she a he or is he a she because my wife has a way to tell them apart.

U cannot blame me from thinking like that because on the first week in my hotel, I was watching a Thai beauty pageant and after watching for an hour, I kinda of finding it more and more funny because all the contestant all so perfect in looks...then my wife joins in and comment Thailand has already come to a point where the society has come to recognized transvestite as part of the social group and even involve them in all sort of activities....that is when I'm totally convinced that these group of people is all around us.

Well, in a way, its blessing in disguise because I kinda convince myself except my wife, all other Thailand met ladies are "unidentifiable" and don't even want to talk too much as Thailand is still a Buddhism country to invite unnecessary trouble.

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Need more advice for those who have worked or live there... singa 6.5m pop soon... need room to breath.
I don't think that should be your sole reason for migrating to Thailand...even though Chinese or more developed countries citizens like us can have an edge in Thailand, in actual fact, there are still a gap between your expectation and quality living in this 2 countries.

Someone mentioning about cutting off dick, do u know in the business world, all u need is just 10,000 baht to get a bullet to your business rival and u can forget about getting the killer because Thailand is too sparsely populated. All u need to do is hide in one of the village or change your identity that's it.

Also if u want to setup a business there, foreign investment cannot be 100% and the employees quality can be a little too slow for us to wait for them. There are lots of undertable and honest SG can forget about living there without getting cheated, undercut etc.

If u are working there, try to be sent by a foreign country and get your company to pay for your accomodation which is the most expensive if u don't own property in Thailand. And don't expect a SGD$1000 monthly rent will get u a bigger than 3 room HDB flat in Bangkok city itself. Expect more roomy area if u get out of the central area which Bangkok have no such thing as CBD...their business district is everywhere because u cannot expect all the commercial buildings to stay at one area or else u need to take a heli to reach your office everyday or wait 3 days in advance to reach your office.

About security, at night it can be quite bad. Their street lights are not as bright as SG and usually we don't go out after 9pm or if u must, get your car to drop u to your door step, not below your building Many of the foreigners apartments have CCTV on the lift so u can imagine the severity of this problem.

And....dun ever leave women alone at home unless all of you are indistinguishable from the Thai or u live among all other foreigners together. IMHO, living with the Japanese is the best, don't live among the angmoh because they are too misbehaved in Thailand. Most expatriate don't let their families or wives to tack along and I see lots of Caucasian single man drinking themselves silly among lots of local girls. The Japanese usually come with their family and even if the man come alone, they are so much cleaner and behave themselves. All these are seen throughout a 3 month period when I go around house-hunting.