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Thread: how to use dry box

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    Default how to use dry box

    for the dry boxes to store camera, besides the drybox and what else do i need to buy to keep the lenses and camera.

    from the info gathered from the forum, i need to get silica gel is it??

    but how to know how to keep humanity under control?

    how to heat up those silica gel ??

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    add in a few shallots... 2 teaspoons of oil then fry till golden brown. ......

    ok to heat it up i just pop them in the microwave. or u can like heat them on a pan ( no oil please).... humidity wise i heard some use some kinda metre thing but personally i just pour in the gel till the base is covered then put my tray on then put the camera on,

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    You can get a hydrometer
    Those that measure Humidity.

    Mirco wave them until they change colour.


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