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    A bit voyeuristic, but couldn't resist...

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    Good concept, but the alignment of the face on the backpage of the magazine is just off, especially since a little bit of the background can be seen between the hair and the magazine. Could you have moved a little bit more to the right to close that gap? Also, the foreground looks distracting with the Burger King bag and part of the the slippers showing.

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    wow, was just checking to see if the pic loads properly and got comment liaoz.

    thanks for the speedy response. pic cropped tighter.

    yah, pity about the gap. didn't notice it in the viewfinder as i was quite a distance away. shucks.

    the magazine was being moved constantly so this was the most 'aligned' pic out of the 6 frames that i got off before she put the mag down.

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    Hi kongping, the photo looks much better cropped. Too bad about the gap.

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    Sorry... but I'm really distracted by the hand ... that's eriely reaching for her ... like horror movie...

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    Hi Kong Ping,

    That is a very Creative shot
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    nice catch.


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