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Thread: Stray teen Cat

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    Default Stray teen Cat

    taken on F5.6 , 1/125 with Sb-24 flash iso800
    photo edited a little on PS

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    What's the point of this picture? Seriously. It's "blah, snapshot!". And the ISO is so high there's a lot of noise. You didn't capture the cat's nice eyes, etc etc.

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    Normally cat profiles are hard to take and you really need to find the pose which will flatter the cat. The harsh lighting combined with the slightly above eye level perspective does not do this. The composition is also off as the cat seems a little cramped looking into that tiny space while the excessive body mass on the bottom left corner dos'nt have anything eye catching.

    For cat portraits the eyes should be the main target. If you want to make the form of the feline the main subject you need to apply rules of thirds and leading lines so as to let the eye flow nicely throughout the pic. Use of natural light to bring out the fur texture would help too.
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    Sometimes I feel you have to know how the animal behaves (like or dislike) before you can really catch the right kind of pics.

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    please do not overpost, 1 picture a week please


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