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    Hi All,
    Very recently entered the DSLR zone with EOS 400D (have standard lenses 18-55 and 55-200). Need your advice on buying:

    1. Cleaning Kit - most important - which brand should I go for and the cost.
    2. Polarizer - what diameter
    3. External Flash - what type is good for avg shooting

    Appreciate very much if you can guide me through.


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    think just get a normal cleaning kit with a blower will do just fine
    most importantly is to get the dry cabinet to store your 400D

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    got the dry box free with purchase but all written in Chinese dunno how to use it

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    is your drybox the electronic one? or just a air-tight box.

    also, the cleaning kit, just buy a microfibre cloth and a giottos rocket blower.

    for the polarizer, one of your lens is a 58mm diameter whilst the other is 52mm. the 52mm CPL will be cheaper, but may cause problems on your ef-s 18-55mm.

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    dry box is just an air-tight one.. which one you recommend ? I anyways got it for free (not included in the list of freebies thought :-) )

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    I don't recommend getting a CPL because your lenses' front barrels all rotate IIRC, making usage of a CPL difficult.


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