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    C&C welcome.

    I've searched this forum for tips & techniques to no avail.

    These are my first two attempts at HK - any thoughts?

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    WOW M@ndy!

    The hibiscus is superb! great texturing on the petals and buds.

    And your work on the curves - did u use curves? - for the spiral is awesome. The black is black and white is white and I can feel textural details in the dark and bright areas.

    How did you learn to do B&W like this?! GREAT! :-)

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    I am loving these two pictures, although they are not really high-key. Thanks for sharing.

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    you can only post one picture for critique per week but both photos are great.
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    I do prefer the second picture, as the first picture doesn't really draw me in.

    There is a bit too much of the greys for a HK work, but other than that, it seems quite well done.

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    Thanks for your comments (& sorry I posted more than 1 photo).

    I have a better understanding of what pure HK should look like.

    FYI: I followed the HK technique, but then re-introduced the original image to return detail in the darks.

    Espion, I've replied via flickr. May be I should add the flower was butter-yellow white and the stair case walls were once white, so not much conversion was necessary!

    Keep those comments coming!

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    hey..great pics..though i'm not sure they are HK? like the hibiscus though. was thinking maybe if u found a longer stairwell the 2nd shot might be better? seems like a short building


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