Just bought a cheap ($7.25 for each pack of 30 pieces) glossy photo card. The size is a little odd, 100mm by 148mm instead of the more standard 100mm by 150mm (4R?) photo cards Epson produces. It is also a little softer than the epson card. But after printing, and given time to dry, it remains glossy, and smoother than Epson's photo paper/card. I just pop in the paper and use it as 100 by 150 Epson photo paper and get borderless prints. The quality is great and its great value. It such a low price, no harm trying it out and use it for some regular photos (Well, you save on the processing fees if you are like me who prints one or two over a long period)

Here's how it looks like. $7.25 from Big Bookshop at Clementi Central

p/s: On the back, it has this boxes for the japan's area code and stamp, like a post card. It is also rated for 720dpi printing.