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Thread: Locking apperture to f22

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    What's teh puporse of locking the apperture to f22 for the 50mm lens? Does this means i can only shoot at f22 when it's lock?


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    hey thanks for the link.

    But it's not locking that i have a problem. It's the reason behind that i don't know. Any insights please?

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    if im not wrong, only at f22(or anything smallest), the modern camera will only be able to take control over the aperture or something like that.

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    i didn't know of that at first. the first time i knew it is when i'm up on ali san in taiwan. saw the FEE error message and thought that my nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D AF-nonS is spoilt.

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    There is a lever on the lens which you move will open and closes the aperture ring. The camera body uses this lever to actuate the aperture blades.

    If you turn the aperture ring, the aperture opens up. If you now try to move the lever, you will find that the aperture can only move from wide open to this current aperture set by the aperture ring. (No longer can the lever close down to the min aperture.) Thus, this will limit the aperture control of the camera body on the lens. To prevent this from happening, the camera will not work unless the aperture ring is locked at the min aperture (in auto metering modes: A, S or P).


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    Thank u all for the explaination


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