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Thread: Pollen. Newbie 1st attempt at macro.

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    Default Pollen. Newbie 1st attempt at macro.

    Random macro shot of flower at west coast park with newly aquired Canon S2. Tried to get as close as possible, but still wanted to go nearer. Should I get those add-on macro lenses?
    C & C please.... Cheers!

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    if you post something bigger than a thumbnail then we might be able to tell you something about the pic....

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    Default Re: Pollen. Newbie 1st attempt at macro.

    It was a clickable thumbnail but have changed to friendlier pic.
    Pai seh... 1st time posting pic.

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    Daniel, i think your WB is off, flower should be white, no?
    then the pollens are to isolated as to act together, then there is to much going on in the background. the first thing you see are actually the petals of the flower (white against green, very prominent). one got to search for the pollens....

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    Agree with Michael, your WB is off. As for background, try to avoid the bright spot as it is distracting ..
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    Before you worry about the technical aspects the most important matter is the composition.

    This lily - its a spider lily - is notoriously difficult to capture as a macro given such long stamens.

    But what you have done suggests a possible interesting perspective, where all the pollen are arranged in a circle, almost like they are in a dance. And the DOF is adequate, meaning the front three are in good focus and the back three are off, and thus emphasising the 3D aspect of the "dance circle".

    The only down side is indeed the busy background. This idea can be a superb composition against a black background or anything that dont compete against the dance of the pollen.

    But as to a newbie attempt at macro I think it is good work, for at least I see - if what I see is reliable - that you may have compositional thoughts and ideas, even novel and interesting ones, as you shot the flower.

    Also try to borrow some equipment before you buy them, or buy them second hand - which you in turn can resell - to see what new compositional possibilites are made possible by hardware.

    As to the WB, it is a simple correction, a technical skill easily acquired (PM me if you like to know how).

    More importantly put more effort on the harder-to-come-by, but sine qua non skills, namely your compositional ideas and aesthetic sensibilities, for which some just cannot get it.

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    Default Re: Pollen. Newbie 1st attempt at macro.

    Thanks to all comments, they've been constructive and highly encouraging, especially espion's. Thanks for providing the name of the flower and advice on the HW, and you're right, it was notoriously hard to get a shot i was remotely happy with. This was one of out about 20+ failed attempts. I have to say that I am amazed what the trained camera eye can see... Roger about the white balance and noisy background. Think will touch it up with ps or something. Thanks to all once again.


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