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Thread: Cool musics at Taka wedding fair

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    Default Cool musics at Taka wedding fair

    I was passing by the wedding fair on Sunday and saw the crowd. What an event. I like the music they played!!!!!!! Very eerie and like horror style...dunno whats the word to describe it. Who knows where the music is from?

    But the stage is too cramped. The rope should be further off. I can see the models almost step on a lot of photographers.

    I own an A40, but never brought it that day. Should have, now I regret. Always carry your cam with you.

    I found this model damn chio:


    I saw her at another fashion show in a shopping center a few years ago. Who knows her agent? Maybe next time we can get her for a studio shootout?

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    I recognized some of the music from the Era / Era 2 CD. As for the rest, I have no idea, but the style is very reminiscent of Clannad and Rogha.

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    one of the tracks that was played

    Enigma(band) - Nirvana(title)

    Think they were playing a CD from our local media company? Inspirational Moments ??

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    Probably. I used to like enigma but got hooked on the Era series when it came out. More upbeat stuff.

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    I heard the bride in black is someone special... miss "something". True? Which agency is the chio model from? I think i will get the CDs you all reccomend.


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