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    Default Esplanade

    Taken from the rooftop terrace:

    Comments and criticisms for improvement are more than welcomed!

    (PS: is it normal for pictures to lose contrast after they're uploaded? The colours looked a lot more saturated on my monitor )

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    love the feel
    one of the better photos i've seen of the nade =D

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    Smile Re: Esplanade

    The pic is a little too soft for my liking, but I like the way the pattern of the Esplanade's "durian spikes" seems to be reflected in a portion of the clouds.

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    Pretty artsy picture. Thanks for sharing

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    night86mare, digisnap: Thanks for the kind comments!

    roystonk80: That's an interesting point of view... didn't notice that before. Thanks!

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    Maybe more of the interesting sky and less or non of the cranes. The latter is not consistent in this composition.

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    HDR-ish, midtone contrast is there, maybe try the shadow/highlight tool in PS to increase the exposure of the highlights and shadows....

    Try a landscape format.


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