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Thread: Pls recommend a good &free photo sorting software

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    Default Pls recommend a good &free photo sorting software

    When travelling, I take a lot of photos. About 50% of them are not very good and can be deleted, but it needs to be sorted through. Which software would you guys recommend to quickly scan through the lot, tag the ones I want to keep and delete the unwanted ones?

    I tried picasa, but don't really like it. In picasa, I can assign a "star" to the files I want to keep, but after that I can't easily move them all to a folder. It takes a lot of steps and manual click and drag to move them all to one folder. My only option is to "Export", which has limited resolutions. All I want is to select the pictures I want to keep, and move them to a separate folder in 1 or 2 steps for archival.

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    Default Re: Pls recommend a good &free photo sorting software

    why don't you hold the ctrl key in My Computer while selecting files in the filmstrip view format
    and then cut and paste the files


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