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    Default Ways to keep Films ....

    hi ... may i know how to keep films ?

    i always place my slides in my fridge ... is that the correct way? and is it necessary to place the print films in the fridge also?

    And ... y is it necessary to store films in low temp (e.g. fridge)? Does it affect the quality of the films (final result)?

    Last qns .. before i load the film into my ccamera, do i need to leave a film in room temp (around 25 degree) for a while after i taken them straight out from the frigde?

    pls enlighten me !!

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    What I usually do is to place my extra films in the fridge. Whether slides or negatives, it is better to store the films in a cool and dark environment, especially professional films.

    It is of course better to let the cooled film warmed up to room temperture before using them to reduce the chances of water condensation. You would not like to have water droplets inside your camera body...

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    What I do is that I would take out the filmfrom the fridge the night before going for a shoot to let it "warm-up" to room temparature.

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    This depends on what type of films you've.

    Pro_Film like Velvia, Astia, or Provia are specially "Aged" so that the chemical are at the best condition when they are shipped. Therefore, to prevent it from detoration, we store them in cool temperature.

    Consumer Films like Sensia are believe to be the "Rejects" from the Pro_Film production QC, therefore they may be just over or under the "Optimum" curve. However, films like such are still in super condition (in my standards). Most of these, I believe, are not aged, therefore its best to leave them @ room temperature.

    I have Velvia left in my room for three months @ 26-30 C, shows no difference with one shot from fridge under my 10X loupe.

    You should spend more time worrying about XRAYs.

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    hmm ... mentioning abt Xray ... where should i keep it when i go through the scanner (at the custom point)? Should i leave it in bags or in my pockets ~ ? How does Xray affect the films ???


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