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Thread: Going Paris this saturday! Advice needed on Europe travel...

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    Default Re: Going Paris this saturday!Advice needed on Europe travel...

    If you stay in the train station in Naples, it ok. It's the closest port to Capri, if that is what you want to do. Why dont you stay on Capri for a dia or two?
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    Default Re: Going Paris this saturday! Advice needed on Europe travel...

    Hi boroangel,

    I hope you have a good time travelling.

    Europe offer lots to see, Italy especially.

    One day in Florence may not be enough....

    I noticed that you shall be travelling alone. Hmmm, not impossible as I've done some parts of Europe solo. However, I've always appreciated a travel companion. It's good to have somebody watch your stuff when you're busy with something else (eg: going to the toilet, taking a picture...). It helps to have a companion if you intend to sleep on the train. I would advise against that if you are travelling alone. Thieves work on the trains too...

    Italy, unfortunately, is riddled with petty criminals. Seems like the Police there have resigned themselves to the fact that they can't do anything about it. I've seen these gypsy kids at work on tourists, and the cops just walk by At most they just issue a warning to them and then carry on with their patrol.

    The best thing you can do is keep a close eye on your stuff, and don't let anybody near you (if it's possible). Be aware of your surroundings at all times, even in places with many people. Of course, don't get so paranoid it stops you from enjoying yourself. Just be street-smart.

    Lots of photo opportunities in Italy. Do show us the pictures when you get back!

    Have fun!!


    P.S. : Yeah, I have similiar views with the others on Napoli. Didn't like the place. It's dodgy, not just the train station either.

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    Default Re: Going Paris this saturday! Advice needed on Europe travel...

    I just came back from a 3 month trip and I spent about 2 over weeks in Italy and here is my take.

    You need to spend more time in Cinque Terre. It is a beautiful place (kinda laidback) and plenty of photo opportunities. I spent 3 nights 4 days there. I didn't stay in one of the 5 villages in Cinque Terre but in Levanto which is one town outside of Cinque Terre (just as La Spezia is one town away from Cinque Terre). You will enjoy this place if you like hiking... lots of walking.

    You'll need more than 1 day in Florence. There are quite a few things to see there and you can't exactly cover everything in 1 day. I stayed in a hostel called Albergo Paola. Its a very nice place & they have cooked breakfast served in your room at 9am each day. Worth every cent of your money. They have lockers in every room so that you can lock everything up. I booked this place through

    In Rome I stayed at this place called Ciao Bella. Though it had good reviews on the web it was a crap place so don't stay there. You'll need about 2-3 days in Rome.

    I did a short stopover on my way to Cinque Terre from Florence to Pisa. You just need about 2 -3 hours in Pisa. It is not worth staying there. From the train station, you will need to walk about half and hour to get to the leaning tower so the walk to and fro takes about an hour and you get 2 hours to look around.

    The best way to get around from City to city in Italy is via the train. Is possible, buy your eurorail pass here in Singapore. There are many options you can choose from. There are cheap fares that you can find on the web too. You will need to check out the rail company site to find such deals.

    If you do need more info, let me know and I can start digging through my stuff to fish out more for you.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    Arrow Re: Going Paris this saturday! Advice needed on Europe travel...

    I concur about the difficulty of finding public toilets in most part of Europe. Even big shopping centre has only one toilet.

    Also bring a grocery/plastic bag as some supermarket don't give out plastic bags or you've to pay 0.30 for it.

    j) I'm not sure if this is your first trip to Europe, but be prepared to walk a lot. In some smaller towns in Italy and districts around Paris, streets get hilly, and pavements may not be, er...paved. Invest in good, comfortable shoes. Trolley bags aren't easy to drag over cobbled stone streets (lots in Florence and Venice), so you may want to consider a backpack. Also, unlike Singapore, public toilets aren't so readily available, and you may need to pay to use them in malls or cafes.

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    Default Re: Going Paris this saturday! Advice needed on Europe travel...

    Hi...thanks for making the effort to type such a long suggestion. I considered that before but I m more inclined to conquering country by country. Like this time I leave out most of North Italy and next time I will go there coupled with mayeb Switzerland.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maltese View Post
    hmm...I'm writing in reply to your first thread directly...u are saying u have only 2 weeks rite? If u absolutely love Italy, then by all means go around Italy...if u are adventurous enough, I suggest u should go AROUND europe as the eurorail will get u to different cities in different country faster than u travel from Milan to other Italian cities


    Unless u have lots of time, don't want to plan too far or maybe your company will be posting u to Europe again, then next time u can go to another countries for another 2 weeks and then repeat. Then that will be great! Else if your motive is to see scenery, then you can consider what I did last time.

    Just for a thought!

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    Default Re: Going Paris this saturday! Advice needed on Europe travel...

    Ok I had some suggestions from Lonely Planet Thorntree forum and this iti was suggested...which included what you guys suggested about spending more time in Florence and CT.

    31/03 - Flying to Naples and move to Sorrento
    01/04 - Positano, Furore
    02/04 - Amalfi, Ravello
    03/04 - Capri
    04/04 - Train early in the morning to Rome
    05/04 - Rome
    06/04 - Rome. Frd goes back to Paris
    07/04 - Train to Florence
    08/04 - Florence
    09/04 - Day trip to Siena and San Gimignano
    10/04 - Train to Cinque terre stopping few hours in Pisa
    11/04 - Cinque terre
    12/04 - Cinque terre
    13/04 - Cinque terre to Genoa and fly back to Paris

    1. I would need an early flight from Paris to Naples. Which is a cheap and reliable airline to take? From Naples I get to Sorrento...really very apprenhensive about using the train station.

    2. Is Florence worth spending 1 and half days? Beside the Duomo what else should I visit there?

    3. Are u guys able to recommend me some clean and safe accomodation in Rome, Florence and with seaviews in Sorrento and Cinque Terre? Am so inclined to stay at Hotel Bristrol in Sorrento but its too expensive.

    4. Another side question. Does atms and hotels in France and Italy accept debit cards with Cirreus, Maestro and Mastercard?

    5. I am flying direct from Indonesia to Paris so I cant get the Eurorail pass. Is it better to book the train tickets online and is this train service good?
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