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    been a while since i post in the critique corner...
    just one humble pic that i take from my friends wedding.

    any C&C are welcome..

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    I don't know about the title... It doesn't scream "Passionate". More like "Prepared" or "Waiting for the moment". The angle is a bit odd too, i'd have preferred it without the mic stand and the people to the right.

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    if anythign
    the stuff in the background, like someone's head (at the subject's right shoulder)
    i think a bag
    and the mic stand
    are very distracting

    maybe you could move them away next time

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    i think you are a very humourous guy.
    this kind of expression you call it passionate.

    however, not all is lost. more isolation will definitely help. picture also looks a bit soft.
    but i think the overall mood is about there.
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    Hi tahnk you for the C&C.. i guess giving a name for your work isn't as easy as it looks. . and about the mic i think i cant move that coz he is using it, guess hae to find a better angle next time then.

    Thanx again for the comments.


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