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    I know very little or nothing really about Digital Photography or probably of any kind.
    However i like to learn about it and i have ordered a couple of books to help me start.
    I keep Racing Pigeons and i would like to take photos of them, my Pigeon Loft which is 18m long
    My Two Dogs and When out i like to take photos of Churches etc
    I am going to Buy a Canon400d Camera, But i can only affoerd to buy one Lens
    Can you Guys tell me what is the best dual purpose lens for the things outlined above
    Any help will be appreciated

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    I don't know Canon, but I imagine you would like to start off with the classic prime lens (fixed) 50mm and a wide angle lens (10 - 20 Sigma or Canon equivalent).

    The first lens will suit shooting ur dogs as it is quick, light and unobtrusive. The second will allow you shoot the spirals/towers or length of the church/pigeon loft as it conveys the grandure of larger scenes whilst still being up close and personal.

    There were my first lenses and I continue to love them.

    Post ur piccies when you take them I would love to see your interpretation of your hobbies (are you from the UK)?

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    The kit lens that coems with the body will be useful enough for outdoor shots and and 50/1.8 for indoors. It certianly is a good budget combo.
    Furry Photos - Photography for the Modern Pet

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    Yes i am an Englishman, but moved to Belgium 3 years ago to live. For the Sole reason of Racing the Pigeons in Long Distance International Races against Eight other countries in Europe. I along with my Brother have made a start


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