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Thread: where to find nice sunflowers?

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    Default where to find nice sunflowers?

    hi, just wondering if anyone knows where in singapore i can find nice sunflowers to shoot (sorry lah, someone requested)

    i can't really recall if the botanic gardens has them, and i know airport has, but the lighting and condition are not really great.

    best is if there's a field of them, but i guess that's a silly thing to ask for over here...

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    There some at the SMU near Dolby Ghaut sometimes ago, but seems like they are shedding...
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    Er, Singapore I haven't seen much
    But Genting, last year I went
    Right smack outside the hotel, I think Genting Hotel (the main one nearest casino, if I'm not wrong)

    There's some
    Not exactly a field, but enough to make do

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    I think most florist shop have sunflowers and supermarket has sunflower seeds...

    seriously , i think the Istana Park has sunflower. look at my website. got a sunflower pic taken at Istana Park. Istana Park is opposite the Istana.



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