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    Hi all, this is my 1st post here. I'm stil brand new in photography. Here i wanna share a photo taken with my D40. It is a travelling boat heading near the Merlion (Esplanade). I am trying to capture the rhythm of the water. Critics and Comments are mostly welcome! Thanks!

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    this picture is neither here nor there, there is an impact of water but no source. hence it does not tell a story.

    also, the picture have slanted horizon, in this case on the top of the image, removing it, will crop the boat as well. so in this way, its a pic thats is good in thought, bad in execution. would be better in wide angle.

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    Hey, that's an excellent attempt.
    I love the spray of the water and the white foam seen.

    I feel that the top has been cropped somewhat too tightly though, a little more space above the bumboat would yield a more "comfortable" image.

    U could also try a black and white conversion for the image, I tink it's pretty promising!

    Good try and keep shooting!

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    rhythm means a repeating pattern. there is no pattern here.
    spray / splash, yes.
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    Yeah, u're rite about the slanted horizon, i didn't realize it until u told me. I'll take note of it the next time. Maybe with a wider angle will be better. bout the spray of the water, hmm, if i were to show the merlion, i won't be able to catch the splash of the water that way. I'll try to shoot a better image next time. Thanks a lot for ur comments Del CtrlnoAlt!


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