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    anyway, we just had such a thread like this re-writing everything all over again once every few months.. you all not bored meh? just before 2006 ended there was one.. reading it once or twice is ok.. but get reminded every 2 or 3 months.. sian leh...
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    i rem watching Donny & Marie show, Don't Ask Me, Young & the Restless & other crappy taiwanese movies in the afternoon.

    oh ye, another unforgettable was the short magic show call Magic Hand (or something like that), it was this white gloves hands that perform magic, then it'll teach u how to do it. what about this cartoons call Xiao Bao li xian ji & Papabarpa(funny blob shape things as a family that can change shapes)?

    oh boy.. those were the good old days....

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    That time Chinatown was so much much different from today. One can see live stock and the food from the street hawkers were really delicious. Sam Hui songs were played everywhere in Chinatown then People like to go Peoples' Park to buy Casio and Citizen watches and Nintendo "Watch and Play"

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