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Thread: my first drop.

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    Default my first drop.

    my very first time shooting the droplets.
    c&c please so i could improve.
    still don't really get on how to really focus on the droplets itself.

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    Default Re: my first drop.

    wider DOF, so that could read the words clearly
    my 2 cent

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    Default Re: my first drop.

    DOF too shallow.
    Cup handle cropped, if u wanna have this kinda view, either find a cup without that handle, or turn it around to hide it, else show in its entirety.
    Angle look like the cup is going to drop anytime, check alignment, and use a tripod.
    Tissue paper or cloth look disgusting... a piece of plastic would look better.
    Water droplets on the side of the cup is distracting, does not add asthetic to the picture instead show a messy job. Either you clean up the cup, or you use a dropper and use a more viscous solution to drop on the side of the cup to create the effect. Sugar syrup, clear epoxy, 3M studs are good example...
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    Default Re: my first drop.

    thanks del and galv
    will notice those things

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    Default Re: my first drop.

    clean the cup... idea is there.... execution is ok minus the focusing and the preparation.
    work harder


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