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Thread: Chiang Mai / Laos Anyone?

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    Wink Chiang Mai / Laos Anyone?

    I am planning a back packing tour to either Chiang Mai or Laos(Luang Prabang) during CNY.Plan to fly to Bangkok & then overland by train to either destination.Hoping to go on 16& return on 25th of feb-3days of leave needed as mon & tuesday are holidays. The ticket to Bangkok still available @ 290~.
    If interested can plan together the location/schedule...

    ifwanna join email me on


    Also would appreciate if previous travellers to these locations can reccomend scenic places to visit.or any suggested places in north/northeastern thailand
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    U can also consider fly direct from Singapore to Chiang Mai, save u a lot of time and not that expensive, compare with flying to Bangkok and taking train.

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    Thanks Astin for the suggestion. Got the bangkok ticket to keep the Laos option open & also because I heard that Bangkok-Chiang mai train route is scenic...
    what nice places you reccomend to visit in Chaing mai?

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    Bad timings for Chinese.
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