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    The sun was coming from behind the buddha so the subject is kinda dark. How would you guys have done it? Leave it as a silhouette or use flash to brighten it up?

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    How do you gonne fill the flash?
    surely the leg will brighter than the face.
    beside, what kind of flash can deliver f22, at this distance

    if you have a tripod with you, you can shoot two exposure with same f stop but different speed, than merge it in PS.

    or you can shoot it from a different angle which is not back lite.
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    its quite nice, leave it back lit... this type of angle meant to be back lit anyway.
    exposed half stop more to get the leg in right exposure.... the buddha head slightly over is ok.

    or get less of the sun.... playing with your angle.

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    actually, apart from being a technically-not-very-correct photo, i find the shot interesting. the angle which he took, makes buddha's head glow. really got enlightenment.. =D

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    Nice angle!Looks like light glowing from the head!OT a little here,Haw Par Villa is open to public?is the entrance free?

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    @catchlights, zekai - Thanks for the suggestions. I'll prob try a two-shot bracket and merge if I get a chance at such shots again. Hopefully I'll have my tripod then.

    @littlepea, Redsun - That was the intended result, to give the buddha some "aura". Still gotta work on the techniques though.

    @Redsun - Haw Par Villa is open to public and free admission. However, if you intend to park your vehicle there, it'll cost you $5 per entry, if I'm not wrong.

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    nice pic


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