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Thread: Real Life Rendering

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    Default Real Life Rendering

    with regards to the attached link, featuring a real life rendering i would just like to seek for some tips and tricks on how to achive this,



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    its a complicated process.

    you need to learn 3D max or maya or watever... then incorporate Photoshop layering.

    iirc, he only did rendering of the 3D object into probably png animated to preserve color, better than using gif. and i think he showed a hint in this as he used a rather low res car model which does not show a nice round wheel to prove that its all rendered.

    as for the glass, i reckon, he might not have the glass on actually, or he might, but without reflection, then add a layer always on top with a reflection. so it will always be on top of the rendered item.
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    1.Take multiple panaromic images of room to create HDR image.
    2.3D softwares are able to use HDR images as lightsource to lit the 3D model.(HDR rendering)
    3.Of course the 3D model much match angle of main shot.
    4.Put it behind the glass and other DI finishes..


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