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    shot with my 400D + 10-22mm
    pls C&C to help me improve.

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    It's the wrong location entirely... Too clean, too bright. You want to shoot a "night alley", try the dark side streets of chinatown.

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    hahaha... ok i get what you mean.

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    i think this photo is OK, composition also nice, but if you can move the car in the left to make the alley more clean. i think it would be better. and i think you should take the photo from center of the alley . IMHO

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    i agree that it should be cleaner....

    i think if take from the middle...maybe the light from the building might not be that 'eye-catching'....

    did you try to take from different angles???

    chee kiang
    Canon IXUS 850 / Canon EOS 400D 18mm-55mm Kit Lens

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    eh yea.. but this is the one had a slight edge over the rest with the shiny black car adding some details. Thanks for taking a look and giving me your C&C guys.. i will keep working at it!

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    did you PS the star lights? or do you have a starlight filter.

    Can I post a backstreet pic here? too lazy to start another thread.


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