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Thread: D60 Vs others

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    Default D60 Vs others

    I'm contemplating of getting the D60 but I don't undrestand why is it phasing out so soon.
    Should I get the D100 or the S2 Pro instead?
    Will I be making a mistake to buy now, or wait for a later model to arrive from both the manufacturers?

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    phased out maybe due to marketing strategies? (since it appears to have a sucessor in the works)

    To buy or not to buy would be totally subjective as different pple different priorities...

    Making a mistake? erm...maybe see if u really knw what u want to squeeze out from the product before committing? den probably it wouldnt hurt so much.

    If time allows you to wait, y not? (assuming u dun mind.....)

    PS: just my personal thoughts for the night......all this made are imho

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    THE Canon 10D has arrived

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    Originally posted by eos
    THE Canon 10D has arrived
    Yes, and I would suggest you wait for a couple more months. The 10D and it's sibling ( if there is one ) should be out in the mass market by then.


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