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Thread: Which programming should I pick up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitkat View Post
    It will depend what is your intended target. Various language have their own pros and cons.

    If it is just for personal usage and it is a very simple application in windows environment and for RAD, you may want to try either VB / C# / java. All should be an relative easy migration for you from Pascal.

    I wouldn't classify Java as RAD. VB is not-so-RAD. C# (through VS.NET) is getting there.

    I wouldn't say either that transition from Pascal to VB / C# / Java would be "relatively easy". Pascal is procedural in the first place. Unless of course, you're referring to Object Pascal (now known as Delphi)... which is a different beast.

    Either way.. programming is fun!!!

    And yeah.. don't forget to read a great post from one of the 3 fathers of Delphi, Chuck Jazdzewski": Fatherly Advice To New Programmers ( If you ever wonder who the other 2 are... it's Gary Whizin and to the uninitiated... the father of C#... Anders Hejlsberg )

    No doubt applies to new and old alike!

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    Hmm if u want to have a UI framework and interested in using Java and easy to extend via plugins try looking at eclipse, although the learning is steep at the begining but then u appreciate the power of using plugins to extend ur app Azerus (Haha cant spell) is done using that.

    It helps that Eclipse is a great java ide.

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    If you are not into low-level programming, try either C# (from Microsoft) or Java (from Sun). Both are basically VERY similar, so knowing 1 helps you to convert to the other easily. There are more free IDEs around for Java, like Eclipse or Netbeans.

    // There are also people who sticks to perl.

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    If you're looking for a challenge... Malbolge

    Not sure what kind of conversion you are doing but if you're looking for an extremely easy language to learn, try php.
    Same syntax as C, much more forgiving.
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