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Wolfgang , you had take it too personally , if not you will not start this thread at all , this is all i can tell you . Well if you are saying that you are helping a repondsible hand in this forum then I think you are doing quite ok so ps do not bring your anger in your words .

What Darren had wrote and explain is good , Darren is a real Gentleman and the clean line is being drawn straight after.

And thanks for bringing back some of the things I had wrote and this as well show your mentality as well .

As my usual self no hard feeling .

But of course. There are no hard feelings. One would suffer immeasurably if every single person chose to involve me in a pointless discussion that has no place here in CS and expect me to have any sort of feelings after reading a feeble retort.

Meanwhile, since you have chosen to avoid my offer, then I reckon your answer is no. So be it.

But understand this very well. There is not the place for political discussion. It is that simple.

You want to discuss matters of such nature, go some where else.

Thank you.