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    hi all,

    after installing the windows raw viewer, i noticed that when i mouse over a thumbnail it displays the very basic exif info like camera, aperture, shutter speed, iso, WB, focal length, etc. in contrast i only see file name and camera model when i mouse over a jpeg.

    is there any similar extension/plugin for the jpeg? or alternatively a program with very small footprint that lets you browse thumbnails and displays basic exif info without having to open the file. i don't really want to use programs that have to load for long, or those that can only view exif picture by picture.

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    search opanda.

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    opanda can't use as picture browser/exif viewer right? or is there smth im missing? i have it ord.
    guess im dreaming then..

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    Correct me if im wrong. RAW files will always have these info. as for JPEG files, depends on how the owner created/saved the file you. If the exif data is present in a jpeg file, you dont need to install a plugin to see the exif data.


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