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Thread: Relating my extremely poor service received from Spectacle Hut

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    Default Re: Relating my extremely poor service received from Spectacle Hut

    Quote Originally Posted by rontan1980 View Post
    "Of top of trying to extort me, I can't believe that optometrist has such poor product information. I know that Essilor is in charge of Nikon's eyewear division, but Essilor and Zeiss? That's totally unbelievable."
    are u sure that she is an optometrist or jus an optician?? did u ask her?Optician can also test eyes lei.cannot anihow assume the person who test your eyes is the optometrist.u can go to if u have the person name. there is a list of cotact lens practioner aka optometrist.cannot anihow assume tat the person is optometrist. further more... optometrist is also a profession.they r mostly well trained ppl unless u r served by an optician la.
    AS for the misalignment, you should return to the shop and they will send the product back to Essilor to redo the lenses. MY previous rimless specatacles also has similar problem. it's very common problem cause my optician told me that it all hand made. It has got nothing to do with spectacle hut. even if u go to another shop, they will also send the glasses to be done by essilor if u request for airwear or nikon lenses. maybe you jus happen to bump to a less experience staff...tat's all... and perhaps the staff isnt detailed enough. I'm also a customer of spectacle hut,clementi actuali(but rimless not bought there)..their service is gd n prices r reali reasonable. i think u jus meet the wrong staff! And u can email to if u wanna complain. it's seriously not v nice of u to complain here . i'm sure they willl change one pair of lenses for you cos its not their the person who fix the lens(which is Essilor)
    I am very sure he has exhausted all revenues of reprieve as he has stated there.

    Just registered to defend spectacle hut? Come'on la, 99% you are from SH, it's so obvious. Get a life, if your service really sucks, we can all tell. Why not just go back to your sorry shop and improve their service?

    Experienced forumers all know your species, register just to defend your name. Oh wells, whtever it is.

    It's hard to read wht you are typing too.

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    Default Re: Relating my extremely poor service received from Spectacle Hut

    Quote Originally Posted by zac08 View Post
    Yup, still there... I still go there to make my glasses.
    Same here...thier service is good.

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    Default Re: Relating my extremely poor service received from Spectacle Hut

    Remembered that I posted here on CS (from my thread subscriptions), and just to provide some updates:

    After much discussion (and ding-donging around), I finally got my refund (in terms of vouchers) from the HQ branch. The lens lab (Essilor) has sent me an official letter indicating that there is indeed a misalignment problem.

    The refund process was not exactly a pleasant one (even during the negotiations with the operations manager), but things are finally settled now.

    Time to move on...
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    Post Re: Relating my extremely poor service received from Spectacle Hut

    Addendum at request of SNAG

    Quote Originally Posted by SNAG
    I received a call from another lady (Jennifer) from the SH Clementi branch recently clarifying some issues with regards to my experience there.

    Apparently, the 'original' lady who served me was not an optometrist, and was from another branch (on "cover" duty).

    As such, my experiences with regards at SH Clementi has brought some misunderstanding to some, thinking that Jennifer was the one who served me.

    Would like to take the opportunity to clarify that Jennifer wasn't the one who served me. Hope this amendment manages to clear the air.

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