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Thread: Bukit Panjang Residents Alert

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    A post to alert those staying in Bukit Panjang. Posted 26/Jan/'07.
    Do be aware of house break in & lift robbery!

    Incident 1: House break in
    About 1~2 weeks ago ,
    BLK 6xx, 2 units got house broke in.
    Similarity of incident seems like the theft aim for those main gate without padlock.
    Heard 1 of the owner sleeping inside don't ever notice the break in.
    Recommended from hardware shop owner, that best padlock is "Viro" brand.

    Incident 2: Lift robbery
    BLK 6xx, Recently ~few days ago.
    Heard victim got rob in lift.

    Sorry did not mention the full block no. to prevent too much worries.

    Bukit Panjang Neighbourhood Police Centre
    Address : No.1 Segar Road #01-05 Singapore 677738
    Tel : 1800 - 892 9999
    Fax : 6 767 3650

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    Some estate in Bt Panjang quite remoted. So, beware of ur belongling.


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