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Thread: 4 weeks holiday, where ?

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    Default 4 weeks holiday, where ?

    Hello everyone.

    My friend and I will be going for holidays in August and have requested 4 weeks.

    Do you have any suggestions as to where to visit and how long in one place ?

    As you may notice I am in Australia and if you asked me I would say Australia.

    There are so many various places in Australia such as Daintree/Sydney/Outback etc
    and 4 weeks would not cover it

    But we want to visit at least 2 countries.

    Maybe France for one to follow that book "Da Vinci Code" as it is quite interesting.

    Maybe also China.

    A week in France and then maybe 3 in China.

    How would you suggest we spend the time and where (France has to be one week of it though).

    I will be very gratefull for your thoughts and suggestions.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: 4 weeks holiday, where ?

    Would you mind SEA? Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand are nice places...

    From China, you could go Tibet and mongolia... absolutely stunning places...

    Alternatively, NZ could be a nearby and yet exciting place to do car trip (2-3 weeks?)

    Just my 2cents worth...

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    Default Re: 4 weeks holiday, where ?

    Since you're going to France, why not just backpack around Europe (it's a pretty awesome place when it comes down to it)
    I suppose your budget is unlimited, you didn't mention it.. =D


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