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    ah....i try to retouch the pictures...can give comments? thanks i trying to learn photography ..would b beri beri happy if u guys can teach me leh...

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    You might want to try adjusting the curves in Photoshop to improve the tone and contrast further in these images... if you have not already done so, that is

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    thanks!!! i try again...

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    I went to yunan 2 years ago.. it is really beautiful. i like the place very very much.. espacially 古城.. where you have the picture taken here..

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    first you need to learn 1. rotation 2. cropping to correct the horizon.

    next i think you should try to avoid framing bright sky in your picture, so that contrast would not be that bad. in my opinion, those pictures are ruined cases and may not worth a photoshop effort as they may not yield satisfactory results.

    do you have the raw file for the yellowish grassland? that one has potential.


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