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    Default Sounds of Dawn

    Would appreciate some feedback on the photo. Personally I have an affinity for it, the depth, sky and silhouette or maybe it brings back the memories. Cheers!

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    Its too dark & I cant hear anything
    I must be both blind & deaf

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    It's too dark and your horizon is tilted. I don't get a "dawn" vibe at all.

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    doesn't match your title...
    Hardly see what the guys play guitar....

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    Maybe a tighter crop? I'd remove some of the space at the bottom. Just a thought..

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    I think the sky's fine
    Maybe it's your nostalgia, but I cant' really see what the silouettes are making out
    Which sort of.. Makes it hard to feel anything from the photo other than "ah, yeah, there's shadows and a few guys"
    If you get what I mean, no offense meant


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