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Thread: can vpost ship DSLRs?

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    Default can vpost ship DSLRs?

    My oly E330 seems to be a late, although the customer service insisted that it is shipped (without checking...), I just realised that vpost cannot shipped lithium ion batteries....

    I am not sure if DSLR batteries are prohibited. Just curious, did anyone of you successfully shipped a digital camera with lithium ion battery back through vpost recently?

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    My D50 arrived in one piece earlier this month.

    It was delayed only because I forgot to send vpost the invoice and took my time to pay shipping.

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    did you save $ from your d50 purchase?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanafi View Post
    did you save $ from your d50 purchase?
    I paid S$750 for a factory refurbished body only, including shipping and GST. I felt this was worthwhile compared to the kit price listed in the price guide ($1170) and given that I couldn't find any D50s for sale below RRP in early Dec '06. I spent a total of around S$1100 for this body, a 2nd hand Nikkor 18-70 and memory cards.

    FYI, I came across a thread saying that Courts was selling D50 kits at $799, so you might want to look into that too.


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